Sunday, October 31, 2010

Design diary: just a though I had this morning...

Design should be a vision,
Design shouldn’t be a copy-paste of society.
Design should be an epiphany of the artist, a rush of creative energy first handed
Not from a fashion magazine
But a synesthesia of the art, a glance of the unknown and beautiful
Design shouldn’t be a sacredy cat
Design should be the new way to walk, the new wear to wear, the new way to create the world
Design shouldn’t be what it is but what it’s going to be
It should be hyper realistic, bold, visionary, with no boundaries,
Just a pure string of the heartbeat,
The pararel universe rather than the reality,
The shadow against the object,
The content against the color and shape
The concept of the vision rather than the vision itself
The process of the creation and materialization rather than the product itself
Design should move the boundaries and make space for people to feel free
To create the new brave world.
That is the new brave world indeed.

But most important of all
Nobody should tell you
What design should or shouldn’t be.

Aleksandra Shekutkovska

 Constantin Brancusi - Bird in Space, 1926-27

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stilissimo by Aleksandra Shekutkovska on the runway

Модели Стилисимо - Stilissimo
Накит Александра Шекутковска
Чевли Бабет - Babette
AD Photography

Модна ревија на Стилисимо Moden Vikend Skopje Fwsk

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