Sunday, December 25, 2016

Trotec Lasers DIY projects : Lasercut and engrave decorative Christmas trees


Big Christmas Tree:

  • Required material: 5mm corrugated cardboard
  • Trotec laser used: SP500, 200 watts

We used a SP500 to cut our Christmas tree and 5 pieces 1300 x 750 mm cardboard.  You can customise the design of the tree according to your wishes - let your imagination run wild! After cutting out the parts you need to put them together. This guide shows them how to assemble the tree.

Small decoration tree:

  • Required material: 2mm corrugated cardboard
  • Trotec laser used: Speedy 300, 30 watts, 2.0 inch lens

This small Christmas tree is made of two parts that fit together. You can choose the size of the Christmas tree. (Our trees on the photo are 12 cm high.)

After cutting out the parts you need to put them together. This guide shows them how to assemble the tree. 

Once it's finished, you can decorate the tree with ornaments or garland of your choice.

Step by Step

Step 1: Big Christmas Tree

We used a SP500 to cut our Christmas tree and 5 pieces 1300 x 750 mm cardboard. You can customise the design of the tree according to your wishes - let your imagination run wild!
After cutting out the parts you need to put them together. This guide shows them how to assemble the tree.

Step 2: Laser Parameters for the big tree (5mm cardboard):

Cutting: Power: 85% - Speed: 2% - Frequency: 5000 Hz - Air-Assist: ON - Z-Offset: -1.5

The tree is connected without any glue or hooks, so  you can take the parts apart again and use the tree for next year.

Step 3: Small decoration tree
The tree is connected without any glue or hooks, so  you can take the parts apart again and use the tree for next year.

Step 4: Laser Parameters for the small tree (2mm cardboard)

Engraving: Power: 40% - Speed: 100% - Frequency: 500ppi - Z-Offset: 6mm -Air-Assist: OFF
Cutting: Power: 20% - Speed: 1% - Frequency: 1000 Hz - Air-Assist: ON

Use the vacuum table with the honeycomb table top for cutting and engraving the cardboard.

More info, tutorial and templates can be found at the following link :

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Custom made brooch for Johnnie Walker

In our latest work we custom made this laser cut and engraved brooch 
for the brand Johnnie Walker. 

We used wood and black acrylic to stay true to the character of this brand. 

How do you find our solution ? 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trotec Lasers DIY projects: Perpetual calendar of wood and engraving plastic

Offer individual perpetual calendars of wood and engraving plastic.


Required material:
Veneer Bamboo 3 mm (119799) - 1 sheet for the back
TroLase 0,8 mm (L204-203) - 4 quarter sheets for the calendar sheets
Screws (diam. 5 mm, 20 mm long) with butterfly nut - 2 pieces

Machine used:
Trotec Speedy 360
80 Watt with 2" lens

Use a honeycomb cutting table

Step by Step

Step 1: Import /create design template

Import our designs into your graphic program and adapt it according to your requirements.

Step 2: Laser process
Position the material into the laser engraver and cover the rest of the engraving area for optimum exhaust performance. Send the wood laser job  and then the four TroLase jobs to the machine.

500 dpi resolution
Cutting: 100 % power, 0,7 % speed, 1000 ppi, air assist on

500 dpi resolution
Engraving (black): 35 % power, 30 % speed, 600 ppi, air assist on, z-offset +1mm, HQ mode (advanced material settings)
Cutting (red): 2,5 % power, 0,5 % speed, 1000 Hz, air assist on, z-offset +2mm
Cutting (blue): 25 % power, 2 % speed, 1000 ppi, air assist on, z-offset  +2mm
Cutting (cyan): 50 % power, 2 % speed, 1000 ppi, air assist on

Select the following options in JobControl® to get perfect cutting results.
Optimized geometries
Inner geometries first
Engraving from bottom to top reduces the cleaning of the engraved and cut materials

Step 3: Post-processing
Once you have finished the laser process, clean TroLase material with water. Then use two binding screws to fix the calendar sheets and mount the calendar to a wall.

Follow this link for more information on downloading .pdf files and job control instructions

On more information on Best Christmas Lights for 2017 check the following link :

Monday, November 7, 2016

25 % OFF on these beautiful designer pieces in our Etsy shop

This week we offer 25% discount on certain designer pieces from our latest 
City Narratives collection. 
Check our Etsy shop for more information about which pieces and enjoy the discount to get your perfect statement piece. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Trotec Lasers DIY Samples : Acrylic Sports Trophies

Would you like to make a personalized sports trophy? In this tutorial we show you how you can make a not only an impressive award, but one that stands out from the rest.


Required material

Other materials
  • Acrylic 0.118" Beige
  • 2 binding screws (shaft diameter: 1/8", length: 1.6")
  • 20 x washers (external diameter: 0.39")

Trotec laser used for this application
Speedy 400flexx, 120 watts, 2” lens
Tip: Use an acrylic cutting grid table or acrylic slat cutting table for accuracy

Step by Step

Step 1: Preparation

Choose which colours you want to use to personalize the trophies. Ensure that there’s a good amount of contrast between the individual layers of acrylic.

When ordering, ensure that the TroGlass Satins 3mm Lemon Green Translucent sheet has double-sided adhesive film on one of the sides.

Step 2: Laser Process​

Cut out the 15 elements from the acrylic sheets. We recommend using an acrylic cutting grid table for a precise cut. Cover the rest of your table and remove the protective film from the top side (adhesive).

Scoring (red):
Performance: 5%, Speed: 1%, Frequency: 1000 Hz, Air Assist: ON, Z-Offset: 4mm
Cutting (blue):
Performance: 30%, Speed: 0.2%, Frequency: 5000 Hz, Air Assist: ON
These parameters can be downloaded directly in the download section and imported into your JobControl® material database for your own use.

Select these two options in JobControl® to get perfect cutting results..
  • Optimized geometries
  • Inner geometries first

Step 3: Assembly

Compile all the cut TroGlass elements in the correct order and have the binding screws and washers ready for use.
Then attach the different parts and layers to each other by fastening the screws tightly.

Here's a short video to show how it can be done

More info on templates & job controls are available on the following link : 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Design Labs use Trotec Laser to create innovative products

More and more design labs use Trotec laser technology in order to speed up the process of creating innovative products. Explore the design mentality of Nike and see how a Trotec Laser helps Nike in their product development process.

Laser Cutters for Prototyping and Digital Fabrication

Lasers are a flexible tool suited for working with prototypes and experimental setups. When using graphics programs your drawings and designs will be sent directly to the laser, allowing your ideas to be recognized and tested instantly. Many different materials are used for tinkering, making or rapid prototyping: cardboard, paper, MDF, wood, textiles and acrylics might be the most common ones in use. But also synthetic materials, plastics, polystyrene, foils, films, and many more can be perfectly processed.

Contact us

​You want to know more about laser technology for prototyping or Trotec laser cutters in particular?
Our laser experts will be happy to advise you and answer questions about your laser application.

Friday, June 10, 2016

9 Laser Engraving Blogs list by TYKMA Electrox

Pleased to announce that last week we got featured in TYKMA Electrox list of 9 Laser Engraving Blogs You need to follow:  
  1. Laser Cut Design Laboratory – This laser marking blog takes a more creative approach to its content by posting pictures and step-by-step instructions of around-the-house projects the author has created using laser cutters. These projects range from bookshelves to muffin cases.

Make sure to check their list for other great suggestions on laser cutting websites :

TYKMA Electrox is a leading manufacturer of industrial laser systems. Each TYKMA Electrox laser marking system comes equipped with the latest MOPA technology, which allows for better precision and accuracy, and is trusted by a wide range of industries all over the world.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Conceptual flowers

White cardboard laser cut flowers prepared to add a 
hint of elegance, beauty & minimalism to your celebration ceremonies
Available to order at asekutkovska (@) 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Cheese Board Set

This tutorial shows you how to create a customized cheese board set with dry erase cheese markers.

Required material:
§  wood cutting board
§  1.6mm white ADA material
§  dry erase marker

Suitable laser machines:
Speedy 100, Speedy 300,
Speedy 400, SP500

Trotec laser used:
Speedy 300, 120 watts, 2.0 inch lens

Step 1 - Preparation
Gather your materials and the names and date of the people getting married

Step 2 - Adjust Graphic
Open the cheese board graphic file in your graphics program and add the first names of the wedding couple and the wedding date at the bottom of the page.  Use any font you like.  Resize the image to fit on your cutting board and send it to the laser.

Step 3 - Laser Settings
Cutting Board
 Power: 100% - Speed: 40% - Frequency: 500 ppi - Air Assist: ON
ADA material Cutting: Power: 40% - Speed: 3% - Frequency: 1000 Hz - Air Assist: ON

Step 4 - Cleaning & Assembly
Clean the cheese Board and Cheese Markers with soap and water.  Package the set together with a dry erase marker.


§  Make sure that the plastic used is glossy so that the names of the cheeses are easily erasable. 

To create your very own cheese board set you can download the .pdf template from the following link :

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