Friday, October 19, 2012

Come and Cut Competition

For Virgin Lasercutters:
come & cut

The project aims to unite creatives  that would like to try laser cutting for the first time.
Artists, Architects and Designers who wish to explore the technique of laser cutting meet in Zürich for a couple of sessions to discuss their projects.They will be taught about the required technical support on how to realize their project. We are organizing the technical support needed and are currently looking for funding for material and laser cutting costs. After the realization of the projects we will organize a presentation in Zürich together with all participants.

Kind of projects wanted:
We are interested in any kind of art, sculpture, design or architecture (….the list is open). The idea is that the final piece is perceived as a flow between different kinds of art and  that it could be perceived in many ways (art~design~architecture).  The idea must be laser cutting oriented: either a project which has not been realized at all, or a work of art created by the artist which could be transformed in a new way with the help of a laser cutter.

How to apply:
Please send an email to:
enclosed with a  short cv and pdf of 3 images of art works which best describe you and your art. Please also include a link to your homepage if you have one.You could also state how you would use the laser cutter in your project, however this is not necessary. If you only have a basic idea we could also help you develop the project and discuss the possibilities. Preference is given to people who have not used a laser cutter before.

Deadline : 10th November 2012

about us:
Aleksandra Shekutkovska (Macedonia, 1984) graduated as an architect at the Faculty of Architecture, Skopje, Macedonia. In September 2012 she finished the Master of Advanced Studies in Urban Design in developping territories at ETH Zurich.  She has worked as a junior teaching assistant in Studio 3/4 at the Faculty of Architecture-Skopje as well as in several architecture studios. In 2009 she founded her conceptual studio Laser Cut Design Laboratory as a design platform for exploration and experiment of design in the digital era. She has done several group and individual exhibition and works as an architect, artist, urban planner and designer.

Christiane Haase (Germany, 1974) studied Architecture and Fine Art at Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany. She was teaching  at Bauhaus-University Weimar and Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University Greifswald, Germany, and was the project coordinator of the International Studio Program of the ACC Galerie and the City of Weimar. With her installations, drawings and objects she participated in many international group and solo exhibitions and was granted several renowned awards and residencies. After a work period in China she settled in Zürich. Since  October 2012 she is a PhD candidate at the Bauhaus-University Weimar exploring the possibilities of rapid prototyping within sculpture.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

Last 12 days to support our project

We raised about 6 % of the total finances however I am really happy for it, I met truly wonderful people through this project. So it's last 12 days and you could make a small donation for which you will receive a laser cut present. All kinds of support is welcome :)

Help us make this collection dedicated to Zurich :)
enjoy the start of the week

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Zurich goes laser cut

We have moved our platform for the upcoming new collection. here you can find a daily treat of our new inspirations, sketches, designs. Thank you for taking the time to preview it. 

За новата колекција имаме нова платформа. Секојдневните дизајни, цртежи, инспирации и најнови проекти на нашето дизајн студио можат да се пронајдат тука. Ви благодариме однапред ако најдете време за да го погледнете новиот блог. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Zurich goes laser cut

Hello friends,

It has been a long time since my last post, however LCDL is starting full speed ahead although it is the summer. 
So we have compiled our to do lists and we are starting to work on tasks, one by one. 

The concept sketches for the new collection are ready, and we have already started a donation campaign for the realization of the project. Every donation receives a small gift from LCDL. 

More details on our project: 

What is Laser Cut Design Laboratory ?

Laser Cut Design Laboratory is a young platform for contemporary design: architecture, furniture, home and fashion accessories as well as laser cut packaging and branding. This conceptual studio is developing through research and experiment in future design tendencies. The studio consists of young designers, permanent and visiting who exchange different ideas, concepts, designs and creative energy through different mediums.

Why should you support us ?
Help us grow. Since last year LCDL is working as an international platform, that creates different collections dedicated to a certain place, city, territory in the world. We offer workshops, alternative ways of education and collaborations between young artists, designers and enthusiasts. The next 6 months we are in production mode of a collection dedicated to the city of Zurich which consists of three parts :
1.        Layering the city : jewelry collection inspired by Zurich street style
2.        Smart homeware : small conceptual accessories from home
3.        Poetry remastered: laser cut postcards from different places in the city
This way LCDL creates a small platform inside of the city from which a series of design will be manufactured and exhibited at an exhibition at the end of this year.

What have we done up until now ?
A list of exhibitions, installations, public debates, workshops and collaborations for different collections with a variety of creative individuals. The studio has worked for 3 years and the products are manufactured in different laser cut studios worldwide.

Who’s up for LCDL ?
Our products are “consumed “ by all target groups, at any age and gender, regardless if they are coffee or tea lovers.

Why we need your support ?
The financial support will cover some of the materials and laser cutting hours, however the final products will frame condensed poetic pictures of the city of Zurich.

What you get in return?
A small custom made designed manufactured in our laboratory and dedicated to you as an individual. If you make a bigger donation we offer to make a custom made jewelry or product design according to your preferences. 

Help us grow ! :) 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Monday, April 30, 2012

Started my design notebook on tumblr

Since I am partly separated from the physical space of my personal studio, my personal workshop,  during my architecture studies I started observing the concept of the “non-existing” studio, the studio that you carry with yourself kind of like the concept of the “home” that you carry when you are away.
And I started thinking.
My studio is my dreams.
My studio is my sketches with which I destroyed and colored one of my bags.
My studio is my sketches that happen in between and on strange places.
My studio is a drawing I made in February looking at the neighboring windows.
My studio is the clothes collages that are inspired by spring arrival.
My studio are all the million to do list I do with things I never get done.  
Rather than saying home is where your heart is I would say.
My studio is where my heart is.
My studio is home.

I am like the snail. I don’t carry my own house; I carry my studio with me.

Design is a way of life.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Datalab presentation features Laser Cut Design Laboratory

Datalab featured Laser Cut Design Laboratory in their exhibitiion presentation at 

make sure to check their website 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Vintage vs Laser Cut

"I am space,
I am everywhere and nowhere.
my body is architecture.
i am scape,
i am in between 
the threshold, my home.

I believe in space rather than time. I believe in people rather than capital. People in space create spaces. These places however are not neutral : they come inscribed with power. Power affects not only the way people are perceived and treated, but also the way people feel . " 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Confetti Collar

Impressions on a spring party night...
when the stars feel like confetti 
that have fallen on your latest piece of designed jewelry..

last two images via

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


‎"Дизајните се макета во минијатура. Тие се модел преку којшто може да се раскаже одредена приказна, одредено чувство, одреден став. Може да се случи дизајнот да изразува архитектура или да прерасне во архитектура. Сепак, во архитектурата не треба делото да е само допадливо, треба да има во себе многу повеќе од тоа. Кога нешто се создава од чиста љубов, а не за да задоволи нечиј вкус и убедување, тогаш мислам дека се случуваат вистински револуции во дизајнот и во архитектурата."

Monday, February 13, 2012

The designer and the city : Inspirational pockets of Zurich

tracing the beginnings of DADA 
.erutan ni tsihcrana dna sioegruob-itna osla saw adad ,raw-itna gnieb ot noitidda nI .dlrow nredom eht fo ssensselgninaem eht eb ot deredisnoc stnapicitrap sti tahw elucidir ot saw esoprup stI .skrow larutluc tra-itna hguorht tra ni sdradnats gniliaverp eht fo noitcejer a hguorht scitilop raw-itna sti detartnecnoc dna ,ngised cihparg dna ,ertaeht—yroeht tra ,seotsefinam tra ,yrteop—erutaretil ,stra lausiv devlovni yliramirp tnemevom ehT ]1[.2291 ot 6191 morf dekaep dna I raW dlroW gnirud ,dnalreztiwS ,hciruZ ni nageb taht tnemevom larutluc a si msiadaD ro )/ːɑdːɑdˈ/ ( adaD

to start the week with a nice thought. 

It's truly amazing how one city can
affect you, how you can discover a new 
self within that new city.

off to the beggining of the week then ... 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Highlights of the week

It has been a good week. First the interview, than a good book, a nice new brand of coffee, good music and nothing without the surreal surprise moments. The semester has started and I feel a lot of inspiration. It's going to be a period full of new beginnings. 

The interview

The book 
"One of the revelations in the studio has been that life doesn't simply happen to us, we produce it. That's what style is. It's producing life. Rather than accepting that life is something that we passively receive, accept or endure, I believe that life is something we generate. We use our capacities. And that boils down to style. Fundamentally style is a decision about how we will live. Style is not superficial. It is a philosophical project of the deepest order. " *Life Style*

The surreal 

Enjoy your Sunday. 

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