Thursday, April 14, 2011

***To a dream lost in my (un)conscious *** Dedicated to the dream I had last night

Though No. 1
I had a really strange dream last night. I wondered about my unconscious. 

Thought No. 2
What the unconscious knows,
The conscious only wants to interpret,
It thinks about the ways, the patterns, the logic, the point of what the unconscious wants to say with only a glimpse of a picture, a word, a scent.

Thought No. 3
What the unconscious dreams of
The conscious tries to envision in reality,
in a person, in a situation,
forgetting about the transience nature of the unconscious..
wants it to be only a start of a wonderful inspiration.

Thought No. 4. 
I have always considered the unconscious a great potential for inspiration,
it seems like I got an unconscious picture I don't want to loose and it was lots again in my conscious. 

Thought No. 5. 
Never underestimate the unconscious.
To a dream that I thought was lost with my (un)conscious and got back to me yesterday. 

Only to be awakened by the conscious...


  1. Thank u so much my darling.
    I am so happy that my confused thoughts find a way to you ***


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