Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Womenswear materials a/w 2011/2012: laser cut tendencies

Laser Cutting in a/w 
materials 2011/2012

Engineered punctures
Square and oblong ordered pattern cutouts 
on coated and proofed hard cotton wovens. 
Tech innovation in crisp laser cutting 
allows for punched matrix pattern.
Muffled felts
Matted and felted fibres have a compressed density. 
Spongy compressed bulk can be double-faced 
and laser cut for quietly insulating outerwear.
Paper thin
Fragile porcelain and manipulated paper inspires crumpled, 
crisp, folded and starched cottons, 
as well as delicate ultra-thin filigree cutout petal effects.

Polished sheen
Glossy yarns and two-tone petroleum hues 
inspire calendared and chintzed finishes for fluid tonic suitings. 
Plush sectioned velvet pile offers soft shine.
via: http://www.wgsn.com/en/micro/2010/womens-materials/your_space.htm

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