Monday, April 30, 2012

Started my design notebook on tumblr

Since I am partly separated from the physical space of my personal studio, my personal workshop,  during my architecture studies I started observing the concept of the “non-existing” studio, the studio that you carry with yourself kind of like the concept of the “home” that you carry when you are away.
And I started thinking.
My studio is my dreams.
My studio is my sketches with which I destroyed and colored one of my bags.
My studio is my sketches that happen in between and on strange places.
My studio is a drawing I made in February looking at the neighboring windows.
My studio is the clothes collages that are inspired by spring arrival.
My studio are all the million to do list I do with things I never get done.  
Rather than saying home is where your heart is I would say.
My studio is where my heart is.
My studio is home.

I am like the snail. I don’t carry my own house; I carry my studio with me.

Design is a way of life.

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