Thursday, June 28, 2012

Zurich goes laser cut

Hello friends,

It has been a long time since my last post, however LCDL is starting full speed ahead although it is the summer. 
So we have compiled our to do lists and we are starting to work on tasks, one by one. 

The concept sketches for the new collection are ready, and we have already started a donation campaign for the realization of the project. Every donation receives a small gift from LCDL. 

More details on our project: 

What is Laser Cut Design Laboratory ?

Laser Cut Design Laboratory is a young platform for contemporary design: architecture, furniture, home and fashion accessories as well as laser cut packaging and branding. This conceptual studio is developing through research and experiment in future design tendencies. The studio consists of young designers, permanent and visiting who exchange different ideas, concepts, designs and creative energy through different mediums.

Why should you support us ?
Help us grow. Since last year LCDL is working as an international platform, that creates different collections dedicated to a certain place, city, territory in the world. We offer workshops, alternative ways of education and collaborations between young artists, designers and enthusiasts. The next 6 months we are in production mode of a collection dedicated to the city of Zurich which consists of three parts :
1.        Layering the city : jewelry collection inspired by Zurich street style
2.        Smart homeware : small conceptual accessories from home
3.        Poetry remastered: laser cut postcards from different places in the city
This way LCDL creates a small platform inside of the city from which a series of design will be manufactured and exhibited at an exhibition at the end of this year.

What have we done up until now ?
A list of exhibitions, installations, public debates, workshops and collaborations for different collections with a variety of creative individuals. The studio has worked for 3 years and the products are manufactured in different laser cut studios worldwide.

Who’s up for LCDL ?
Our products are “consumed “ by all target groups, at any age and gender, regardless if they are coffee or tea lovers.

Why we need your support ?
The financial support will cover some of the materials and laser cutting hours, however the final products will frame condensed poetic pictures of the city of Zurich.

What you get in return?
A small custom made designed manufactured in our laboratory and dedicated to you as an individual. If you make a bigger donation we offer to make a custom made jewelry or product design according to your preferences. 

Help us grow ! :) 

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