Monday, August 18, 2014

Call to action : Wood and paper Trotec Laser Benelux

Today we continue introducing Trotec Laser Benelux 

Call to action:
Trotec woodworking lasers are optimally suited for laser engraving and laser cutting wood and timber, for example toys, decorative items, artistic craftwork, souvenirs, Christmas decorations, gifts, architectural models, and for wood inlays. Wood cutting lasers from Trotec produce accurate and clean laser cut edges, even when working on highly complex object shapes and sizes.

Learn more about laser machines for engraving and cutting wood.

Laser cutting is a quick and easy process that can be used for processing paper, paperboard and cardboard for digital printing, for packaging prototype construction, model making or scrapbooking. The benefits offered by a Trotec laser cutter to cut paper open up new design options for you, which will set you apart from the competition. Trotec l
asers are particularly well suited to achieve even the finest geometries with maximum precision and quality as well as the easy engraving of logos or pictures.

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