Sunday, February 12, 2012

Highlights of the week

It has been a good week. First the interview, than a good book, a nice new brand of coffee, good music and nothing without the surreal surprise moments. The semester has started and I feel a lot of inspiration. It's going to be a period full of new beginnings. 

The interview

The book 
"One of the revelations in the studio has been that life doesn't simply happen to us, we produce it. That's what style is. It's producing life. Rather than accepting that life is something that we passively receive, accept or endure, I believe that life is something we generate. We use our capacities. And that boils down to style. Fundamentally style is a decision about how we will live. Style is not superficial. It is a philosophical project of the deepest order. " *Life Style*

The surreal 

Enjoy your Sunday. 

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