Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Room divider screen by Trotec Lasers

Check out Trotec Laser’s guide on how to create a Room divider screen
Free .pdf files and more information are available at their website link :

Room divider screen 

Create a beautiful room divider that is hung from the ceiling out of prefinished wood. This helps segment large spaces and adds a touch of art of any room.
Required material:
§  12 sheets of 18" x 24" prefinished wood, 1/8" thick
§  1 sheet of 12" x 24" frosted acrylic
§  at least 50 brass "S" hooks
§  Drop ceiling hangers or permanent hooks for a solid ceiling

Suitable laser machines:
Speedy 300, Speedy 400,
SP500, SP1500

Trotec laser used:
Speedy 400, 80 watts, 2.5 inch lens

Step 1 - Create the layout
Using the panel sizes provided, create a layout in a graphics program like a puzzle. We have provided the layout used in this sample here, but you can create any combination to fit your space. Make sure that you place the location of the connecting holes!

Step 2 - Create each panel
Adjust the connecting holes to fit each panel. Create a new copy of each panel and adjust the connecting holes by using guides in your graphics program and the layout. Label each panel with a number to ensure that you have accounted for each one.

Step 3 - User Settings
Cut out the panels.

Mahogany Wood Panels
Cutting: Power: 100% - Speed: 90% - Frequency: 2500 Hz - Air Assist: ON

Acrylic Panels
Cutting: Power: 60% - Speed: 30% - Frequency: 25000 Hz - Air Assist: ON
Step 4 - Assemble the Panels 

Layout the panels on the floor to ensure that everything lines up. Start with the top panels and connect the to the ceiling using the hooks. Work across and then down, using the "S" hooks to connect the panels. Once completed, stand back and admire the view!

§  Using pre-finished wood means that there are less finishing step for top quality results
§  Cleaning off the smoke residue before lifting the panels out of the lasers with a damp cloth makes it easier to see if you missed any spots.
§  Using pliers to manipulate the "S" hooks while assembling makes it easier for the panels to be attached together.
§  Using frosted acrylic instead of wood for a few panels adds a nice decorative touch.

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