Thursday, May 26, 2011


The Dutch- Macedonian design exhibition EXISTING ACHIEVEMENTS home and fashion will be guest at MIKSER festival in Belgrade from 25th to 29th May, 2011.
The exhibition is part of the Mikser X-change zone.

Mikser festival is the biggest regional festival of creativity with strong emphasis on multidisciplinary and multicultural approach. It takes place in the last week of May, at a breathtaking industrial complex on the Danube waterfront, only 700 m from the heart of Belgrade. During 5 festival days, Mikser showcases executed projects and initiatives by more than 1.000 participants. With its agenda to become a celebration of content diversity, Mikser is blurring the boundaries between disciplines and enhances interaction among various fields of creativity such as design, art, architecture, environmental issues, business, new media, music, film and theatre.

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